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Protect Survivors of Child Sex Trafficking in Ohio

In 2015, a teenaged victim of sex trafficking was sentenced to 21 years to life in prison for a crime that occurred during an attempt to escape from her trafficker. Alexis Martin was 15 years old at the time, and despite Alexis’ age, she was tried in the Ohio court system as an adult.

IJPC’s Response to COVID-19 

As many of you may know, Governor DeWine, Mayor Cranley, and public health officials have made many recommendations and regulations regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and it's presence in Ohio. In order to slow the spread of this virus, IJPC is taking necessary precautions including the following changes to scheduled events: 

IJPC Wins Lawsuit Against Ohio BMV

IJPC wins class action lawsuit against Ohio BMV granting access to driver's licenses to 16- and 17-year olds regardless of their parent's immigration status.

Winter 2020 Newsletter

IJPC's Winter 2020 Newsletter features a reflection from End Slavery Cincinnati's Human Trafficking Conference, contemplation on the film Just Mercy and the death penalty, motivating words from a YES member, thoughts on working against war, information about the 2020 Flying Pig, and more.

My Experience at Motel X

If you get the chance, challenge yourself to go see Motel X. It won’t be an easy experience, but it’s a reminder of the very real situation people have to live through in our community.

About IJPC

The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center educates and advocates for peace, challenges unjust local, national and global systems, and promotes the creation of a nonviolent society. IJPC is supported by faith-based organizations and individuals who work together to educate around justice issues, take collaborative action and do public witness. We address local, national and international concerns focusing on the death penalty, immigration, human trafficking and peace and nonviolence.