Ohio SB4: Expand Expungement and Intervention

One of the biggest roadblocks for survivors of trafficking after they’ve left the trafficker, is the implication of having a criminal record (this record stems from criminal charges incurred while being trafficked.) The state of Ohio should expunge these crimes.

In January, Senator Kunze (R-OH) and Senator Oelslager (R-OH) introduced OH SB4. This bill will expand the list of crimes that can be expunged from the records of survivors of human trafficking.

The main intent of the bill is to help survivors of human trafficking separate their current life from their past. Many victims of human trafficking are forced to commit crimes, which they would not do otherwise. Ohio Senate Bill 4 acknowledges the force, fraud, and coercion that is involved in human trafficking.

Take Action: This bill passed through the Senate with a unanimous vote and made it to the House Criminal Justice Committee. The House Criminal Justice Committee will be voting on the Senate Bill soon. Call Representative Seitz, who sits on the committee, and urge him to vote YES on the bill.

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