Human Trafficking

IJPC’s work on the issue of human trafficking is significantly shifting in 2023. After seven years, IJPC is stepping away from offering human trafficking-specific programming as we seek to address the deeper systems of injustice that allow trafficking to happen in the first place. 

As part of our strategic plan, we will focus on the issues of immigration justice and criminal justice with relevant campaigns under each issue.

We know that in order to address human trafficking, we need to address our immigration system. Traffickers manipulate unjust immigration laws and practices in order to take advantage of people looking to start a new life. 

We know that in order to address human trafficking, we need to address our criminal justice system. Criminalizing survivors and their experiences just increases recidivism and puts them back into the dangerous hands of traffickers and their exploitative systems.

Our approach to ending trafficking is shifting so that we can see and name the pieces of a bigger picture. We remain committed to the campaign to expand criminal record expungement for survivors of human trafficking in Ohio and will continue naming the ways larger systems perpetuate harm against the most vulnerable in our society. 

Take a moment to read this reflection by IJPC Program Manager Samantha Searls, which explains the shift and acknowledges the progress we’ve made.


About IJPC

The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center educates and advocates for peace, challenges unjust local, national and global systems, and promotes the creation of a nonviolent society. IJPC is supported by faith-based organizations and individuals who work together to educate around justice issues, take collaborative action and do public witness. We address local, national and international concerns focusing on the death penalty, immigration, human trafficking and peace and nonviolence.