Race and Racism

At IJPC we recognize that racism is a system of advantage based on race and supported by institutional structures, policies and practices that create and sustain advantages for the dominant white group while systematically subordinating members of targeted racial groups. Structural racism is supported by the actions of individuals, cultural norms, and values, and practices of society. We all have a part to play in dismantling racism.

Our Work

  • Race and Racism in Cincinnati: A 3 Part Docuseries shares a people’s history that places storytelling authority in the hands of common people and people on the racial margins. It tells a history that is not often told in school curriculums or in mainstream (white) culture. To learn more or find screening times click here.
  • Race and Racism in Cincinnati Toolkit was developed in 2018. The toolkit explores race and racism in Cincinnati as it relates to history, the law, and resilient communities of color, and it features post-reading quizzes, reflection questions, and action steps
  • The Rethinking Racism Committee works to raise Cincinnati’s consciousness and create change to end racism, anti-blackness, and white supremacy through education, dialogue, and action. Rethinking Racism is a program of IJPC that is supported by the YWCA Greater Cincinnati, and it is made up of a committed group of individuals to meet these specific objectives:
    • Challenge white people to take responsibility for understanding/deconstructing racism.
    • Provide space for authentic intraracial and interracial exchanges.
    • Meaningfully explore the history and impact of individual and institutionalized racism in Cincinnati.

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About IJPC

The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center educates and advocates for peace, challenges unjust local, national and global systems, and promotes the creation of a nonviolent society. IJPC is supported by faith-based organizations and individuals who work together to educate around justice issues, take collaborative action and do public witness. We address local, national and international concerns focusing on the death penalty, immigration, human trafficking and peace and nonviolence.