Justice for Elwood Jones

*Elwood Jones will have a hearing on February 4th to decide if there is enough new evidence to move forward with a new trial.*

*Elwood’s execution has been postponed from 2021 to 2023. Details to come*

Support an Innocent Man on OH Death Row.

In 1997, Elwood Jones was sentenced to die for murdering an elderly woman while he was working as an employee of a Blue Ash hotel. But Elwood has maintained his innocence over the decades he’s sat on death row.

**Stay tuned for more actions you can take to help support Elwood and raise awareness about our unjust criminal legal system**

Update 12/28/2020

Gov. DeWine officially granted Elwood a reprieve earlier this month. Elwood’s new execution date is set for 2023. Elwood’s lawyer, though pleased by the reprieve, is also dismayed at the delays in Elwood’s case, and she expresses both of those feelings in her statement below:

In April of this year, a court was scheduled to hear new evidence of Elwood Jones’s innocence, including testimony that another man confessed to both the murder that put him on death row and to framing a Black man for it.  Mr. Jones, who is Black, has consistently maintained his innocence for more than two decades, and this confession provides an explanation for the single piece of physical evidence connecting him to the murder; evidence which Mr. Jones has always insisted must have been planted. His hearing has been repeatedly postponed, however, by the on-going pandemic.  As a result, his 2021 execution date would not have permitted the meaningful consideration his case deserves.  We are grateful for Governor DeWine’s decision to reprieve Mr. Jones’s execution.  As soon as it can safely do so, we look forward to the court conducting this important hearing and Mr. Jones finally proving he is entitled to a new trial.

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