NonViolence Alliance of Greater Cincinnati

NVA or the NonViolence Alliance of Greater Cincinnati emerged from the Pursuing Peace event sponsored by IJPC in September of 2017. Keynote speaker Fr. John Dear inspired local community members and organizations to imagine a nonviolent Greater Cincinnati area and encouraged us to take up the challenge to transform ourselves into that vision. Though inspired by Campaign Nonviolence and their Nonviolent Cities Program, the work in Cincinnati will be unique to our specific gifts, resources and challenges and the steps we take determined by our residents and organizations. We invite local activists, organizers, political and religious leaders and committed citizens to become part of the alliance.

Cincinnati is home to an impressive collection of community organizations and involved residents. We are also rich in leadership, talent and resources. But, our city is also plagued with a consistently high rating of poverty and pervasive multi-level violence. Too many of our community members live in desperate situations that stand in stark contrast to the life of security and general comfort many others enjoy.

The NonViolence Alliance aims to build a broad coalition of peace partners from a wide range of backgrounds and skills. It is a holistic, grassroots movement that seeks to make Cincinnati a welcoming, compassionate, reconciled, just and peaceful community. Together, we will develop a comprehensive vision of how we will realize our mission. On the road to success, we will discover ways of teaching and internalizing principles and methods that are alternatives to violence and ambiguity.  Given the pervasiveness of a culture of violence, this may seem like an unobtainable dream, but we will never achieve it if we don’t even try. We know this is big and it won’t be easy. It will take time and sustained effort. And we know we can’t do this without you. Please join us!

Founding Philosophy


To imagine, practice and promote a Nonviolent Greater Cincinnati by working toward solidarity with individuals and organizations to dismantle structures of violence.


To broadly share our common vision of  a nonviolent and peaceful community.

To create a radically inclusive and diverse alliance of individuals and organizations committed to creating a more just and nonviolent community.

To educate ourselves and the public about active nonviolence and to provide the opportunities to learn the skills necessary for living a nonviolent life and dismantling violent structures.


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About IJPC

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