As an education and advocacy organization, IJPC’s core social justice issues are death penalty, human trafficking, immigration, and peace and nonviolence.

Issue focus areas: 

IJPC works to end the death penalty in Ohio, provides education about human trafficking, advocates for immigrants’ rights, and works toward peace and nonviolence. Though we primarily focus on these four core issues, IJPC will continue to partner with others in support of a variety of social justice issues. Additional issues of focus include: Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Homelessness, Human Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Violence Prevention, and Women’s Concerns.

Our Work: 

Death Penalty

90 million Americans believe the death penalty is wrong. Programs 2A non-partisan Task Force found evidence that Ohio failed to meet 93% of the standards for basic fairness in capital cases. With your voice, we can put an end to executions in Ohio. Join us.

Human Trafficking

Some of the most vulnerable of our society are trafficked into modern day slavery, accounting for more than 20.9 million victims worldwide. Ohio is a hotspot for trafficking for several reasons: its proximity to the Canadian border, its large number of vulnerable people due to the high rate of poverty, its multiple military bases with a large number of potential purchasers, its large migrant worker and growing immigrant population, and its extensive highway system that makes transportation easy. By learning more and getting involved, you can help put an end to human trafficking. Join us.


Immigrants seeking to build a new life in the United States must navigate through a broken system designed to turn away those most in need. Discriminatory laws, strict requirements, expensive fees, backlogged courts and limited access to visas and green cards are just some of the problems immigrants face. By listening to the stories of those most affected, we can learn and advocate for change. When you stand with immigrants, you strengthen our community. Join us. 

Peace and Nonviolence

Simply working against injustice will not create peace. To create a peaceful world we must dialogue, promote the Beloved Community, and speak to our legislators about peace in our global community. When you gain skills in peacebuilding, you become the change you want to see. Join us.


About IJPC

The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center educates and advocates for peace, challenges unjust local, national and global systems, and promotes the creation of a nonviolent society. IJPC is supported by faith-based organizations and individuals who work together to educate around justice issues, take collaborative action and do public witness. We address local, national and international concerns focusing on the death penalty, immigration, human trafficking and peace and nonviolence.