Race and Racism Cincinnati

“Race and Racism in Cincinnati” Toolkit

Rethinking Racism’s “Race and Racism in Cincinnati” toolkit explores our local relationship with race through history, law, and resilient communities of color in a new toolkit. The piece includes:

  • 3 chapters of resources with articles, books, and videos
  • Post-reading quizzes
  • Exercises for reflection
  • Action steps, and more!

There are a few ways to access the toolkit:

  • You can read it online through Issuu here or click the image below.
  • You can download it for printing here.

Learning can be further fostered by sharing thoughts and questions for others on social media using the hashtag #RaceAndRacismCincinnati. Please email Jessie@IJPCcincinnati.org to let us know how you are using the toolkit, what you learned, and if you want to be more involved.

“Race and Racism in Cincinnati” Tour

The “Race and Racism in Cincinnati” bus tour aims to tell Cincinnati’s history from the racial margins, a perspective that is not often given voice in school curricula or in mainstream (white) culture. Recognizing that Black bodies viscerally experience racism and that trauma is tied to space, we felt it was necessary to not only learn about racism but to center the learning experience in our bodies by standing in spaces of racial significance that we otherwise might not notice. 

Our tour focuses on the stories of African Americans in Cincinnati throughout time, and it is grounded in an acknowledgement of the Native people on whose land these stories occur.  

The “Race and Racism in Cincinnati” bus tour shares a people’s history that places storytelling authority in the hands of common people, rather than political leaders or other narrative leaders who have crafted narratives to benefit their agenda.

It features six stops, including the Black Brigade Statue, Jennie Davis Porter park, King Records. 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have suspended physical bus tours. Instead, the Rethinking Racism team is working hard to create a virtual alternative. Stay tuned for details! 

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